Craft Canned Cocktails

Meet our premium canned cocktails.
A touch of class in a can and it's ok for you to show it. Pinkies up.
Happy Hour Revival

Hello 0g Sugar

Skip the muddling and mixing. No need to jigger or strain. SAY AU REVOIR TO SPOUTS, SHAKERS AND SPOONS. Let’s get right to the celebration with an on-the-geaux, goes with your flow, classic cocktail in a can that turns any occasion into an occasion to celebrate right now, kinda drink.

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Celebrate the Everyday

We’re classic, because you’re classic. Our CLASSY CLASSICS READ LIKE THE MENU OF YOUR FAVORITE BAR. So cheers to friends, cheers to your krewe, cheers to strangers, your squad, and the holidays, all 365 of them.

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Squad in the Spotlight

“Making cocktails from scratch can mean fretting over ingredients from two or more shops. Canned cocktails are a one-stop option. Also, concern about how the coronavirus spreads and lives on surfaces may have something to do with their sudden appeal… “Maybe it’s OK to have something that’s already been formulated and filled for me,” said John Maggio, who started the canned cocktail business Cocktail Squad with his wife, Lauren, in Colorado in 2018.”

“Blackberries, spearmint, and lemon give bourbon whiskey a new spin here. Just watch out—with an ABV of 10%, it’s a doozy. The Cocktail Squad brand also sells canned Greyhounds, Margaritas, Whiskey Sours, Gin and Tonics, and Vodka Sodas to please any drinker.”

“That cocktail … was so good that Lauren decided that she and John had to make it at home. So, after spending more than $100 on ingredients and trekking across town to three different liquor stores, Lauren finally had everything on hand to re-create that cocktail and invoke those memories”

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